eLearning Courses Now Accessible Within cyberFEDS®

cyberFEDS eLearning

Add the eLearning library to your cyberFEDS® subscription and give your staff unlimited access to training courses!

Your go-to resource for daily, practical federal workplace guidance can now be your reliable source for staff training too! cyberFEDS® eLearning makes it easy for agency attorneys and HR, ER, LR, and EEO professionals to obtain mandatory and refresher training on core areas and processes involving EEO, employee relations, labor relations, workers’ comp and diversity.

Now, the full eLearning course library is available for you to add onto your cyberFEDS® yearly subscription — that means every person can take an unlimited number of courses to expand their knowledge and build new skills!

cyberFEDS® eLearning gives you and your staff convenient, user-friendly access to training courses developed by respected federal employment law attorneys and professionals so you gain accurate, authoritative and up-to-date content.

Benefits of Using cyberFEDS® eLearning Library

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cyberFEDS® online courses provide education on a wide range of federal workplace issues, including:

  • The Nuts and Bolts of the Reasonable Accommodation Process
  • Developing a Model EEO Program by Complying With MD-715
  • Framing Charges in Formal Disciplinary Actions

  • Discriminatory Harassment:
    Understanding and Applying the Law
  • Navigating the Rules for When and How to Order Agency Medical Exams
  • And so much more!

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The cyberFEDS® eLearning course library includes the No FEAR Act course that satisfies the requirement to train all employees. This course provides federal employees with an understanding of their rights and remedies under federal whistleblower and antidiscrimination laws.

Your employees will learn how to identify what types of disclosures are and are not protected under the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act and understand the steps for filing a complaint alleging a violation of whistleblower protection or antidiscrimination laws.
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In addition, the eLearning course library includes Federal Manager eTraining courses so you can provide your managers with high-quality training — aligned with OPM’s ECQs — that guides them in developing leadership skills.

Covering all the challenging issues federal managers face, Federal Manager eTraining courses help your agency create a comprehensive instructional program to meet mandates and agency goals, take corrective actions, train new managers and provide refresher training.
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